I respectfully disagree. You're actually giving her too much credit. I think Paul Deen lacks the awareness to recognize the racially insensitive symbolism in this image. In her mind this advertisement tells the world, "Look America! Look at this black woman under my employ with a big 'ol smile on her face! Black… » 10/23/14 4:42pm 10/23/14 4:42pm

My initial thought was that it was staged as well and it may very well have been, but that straight right Jones throws at the beginning had some heat behind it and leads be to believe the fight was legit. Would have expected this from Poirier and McGregor, not these two, to be honest. » 8/04/14 4:38pm 8/04/14 4:38pm

Disagree that it does zero for his legacy. Still plenty of people out there—not me, mind you, I gave Jones the win—who feel Gustafsson won that fight. That doubt hangs over his legacy until he rematches Gustafsson and beats him decisively. Having said that, I'm fine with either of these fights. It's not my legacy,… » 6/04/14 3:15pm 6/04/14 3:15pm

So have these two just been secretly competing against each other since that Trivial Pursuit game? Paul Rudd took the early lead in the nineties. Then Hamm came storming back with Mad Men. Oh how Rudd must have laughed watching Hamm on Big Date. And Hamm must have staged those outline pics to stick it to Rudd. » 5/07/14 12:50am 5/07/14 12:50am